Meet the Maker - A Virtual Series - Paola Vanzo of mYak Tibetan Fibers

Meet the Maker - A Virtual Series - Paola Vanzo of mYak Tibetan Fibers

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Wednesday, January 27th at 10:00am
Free - Link to the Zoom chat
$5.00  Fee - Link to the Zoom chat and a winding card of their yarns will be mailed to you. You can use the $5.00 towards a purchase of mYak yarns through the end of February.

I have always been fascinated by people stories and in the "Meet the Maker" series I hope to tell the story of different people in the fiber arts industry.  We will not only focus on their current work, but also how they got to this point in their work life and where they hope go in the future.

Our first guest is Paola Vanzo, one of the founders of mYak Tibetan Fibers.  mYak fibers are some of my favorite yarns to knit with – I have a sweater on the needles right now. Their fibers are raise sustainably by nomadic herders on the Tibetan plateau, spun at the foot of the Italian Alps, and distributed from New York, where Paola resides with her family. Paola's story is as international as her yarn. After spending a number of years living and traveling in China, she worked with Tibetan Communities "in an effort to improve their conditions through better healthcare and education, income generation, and social entrepreneurship, while striving to preserve their culture." Through these experiences and those of her partner, Andrea Dominici, mYak was born. 

Join me on Wednesday, January 27th at 11:00am for a chat with Paola,  where we will also highlight their beautiful fibers and each select some of our favorite projects knit in mYak yarns.

We will also have a drawing at the end of the event for a special gift!