Modern Daily Knitting Field Guide No. 4 - Log Cabin

Modern Daily Knitting Field Guide No. 4 - Log Cabin

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It’s time for a new generation to discover the endless joys of this clever way to knit.

Field Guide No. 4: Log Cabin presents three patterns that teach, inspire, and amaze.

Log Cabin Cloths: These six simple squares explore the piecing, joining, and edging of a log cabin project. By the end of these quick cloths, you’ll have all the tools you need. And you’ll have six pretty cloths to use in the kitchen or bath—or to give to your sister with a super-fancy bar of handmade soap.

Nine-patch Blanket: Modern Daily Knitting saw a quilt that plays with the age-old nine-patch pattern, and we immediately had to make a knitting pattern from it. The off-kilter color blocks turn a traditional quilt into something modern and surprising. Mixing mitered squares into a log cabin pattern adds texture and fun to this jigsaw puzzle of a blanket.

Sommerfeld Shawl: Ann Weaver takes log cabin to an inventive, airy place with this extraordinary pattern. Short rows, feather and fan, and long skinny blocks are all part of Ann’s genius for experimenting with log cabin. Gorgeous to see, so fun to knit.