Needle Size Stitch Markers (US 00 to US 6)

Needle Size Stitch Markers (US 00 to US 6)

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These stitch markers are laser engraved with knitting needle or crochet hook sizes and have many uses in knitting and/or crocheting: 

  • Keep track of which size needle or hook you used to make your swatches (you can even leave them pinned on while washing and blocking - they can get wet)

  • Pin them around the elastic of your DPN holders to label which size Double Pointed Needles they're storing

  • Attach to a WIP you're borrowing needles from, to remind you what sized needle you were using when you restart the project

These stitch markers are small and light weight, and won't be in your way while you're working. The removable pins are easy to attach to your project.