Spotlight on: Knitting Chair Accoutrement

While I keep a notions bag in each project bag and in my grab-and-go handy dandy tin, the bulk of my notions lives next to my knitting chair. I keep them all in a Waxed Canvas Work Bag that is always filled to the brim with just what I need. 

Three little knickknack bags live in the work bag and are organized with all sorts of goodies. 

My yellow notion bag is filled with all sorts of markers and tapestry needles.  I purchased a Cocoknits flight of stitch markers and noted the type of marker on the top of the tube. I also have a small tin that Koryn gave me years ago that holds my opening markers

The blue bag holds my row counters, progress keeper Post-It Noteshighlighter tape, TKB cords, my Bernese Mountain Dog needle gauge, and scissors.

The pink bag contains a calculator (that was my daughter's in 5th grade), tape measurers, Akerworks swatch gaugeEmory boards, and Valley Botanicals repair salve.

My work bag sparks MEGA joy for me!

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