Spotlight On: My Notions Tin

At home, I always have my trusty stocked knickknack bag at the ready (more on that next week), and I usually have a notions bag for larger projects, like shawls and sweaters, that live in their respective project bags. But sometimes, when working on a quick, small project like The Shift, I need a few basic notions at hand. With our restock of Firefly Notes Tins, I have finally created a mini notions tin. What took me so long? I do not know!  I would, from time to time, toss things into an old Altoids tin, but over time, the hinges would give out. My bee tin is the perfect grab-and-go box for my little projects. 

What did I put inside of it? Let's take a peek:

  • Mini Bonsai Scissors - these are sharp as can be and small, but the handles are good sized and comfortable to use
  • Tapestry Needle - for sewing in ends and seaming
  • Ebony Fix It Tool - I like this one because it is not too long for my tin
  • Stitch markers - I use an opening stitch marker to hold a few different types together: opening, triangle, large, and medium round. I always make sure that I have a yellow stitch marker in each group, as this is the color I use for the beginning of round
  • Chain Row Counter - I love that this is small and easily fits in the tin
  • T-pin - if I need to retighten any of my interchangeable needles
  • TKB Cord - I wound one up in case I need to hold any stitches
  • Tape Measure: Of course the Monarch Knitting is front and center.

My new tin brings me so much joy!


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