While We Stitch: November 2020

Our recap of our weekly newsletter, column "While We Stitch Away" for November 2020 was filled with my current reads, lists and some holiday self care.  What are some of your favorite self care tidbits?

November 5th: Self Care through the Holidays...
A few years ago, this health blog gave some good advice for prioritizing self-care during the holiday season.

Searching around the Internet, I found some great reminders that I plan to do:

  • Put yourself your to do list.  Make relaxation a priority!
  • Light a candle....it works. (My favorite is, of course, our Wax & Wool custom scent!)
  • Put a flower in a vase by your bed.  That brightens my evenings and mornings!
  • Stretching daily... I fail on this big time but when I take time to do it, I feel so much better.

Ever heard of a love list?  

And lastly, knitting is 100% something I add to my daily routine


November 12th: Currently Reading, Watching & Loving
Completely fascinated with these Captivating Historical Photos and the Thrilling Stories Behind Them.

Always a classic is the beloved Jacques Pépin. I am thoroughly enjoying watching his cooking series, Jacques Pepin: Cooking at Home (You can find the videos on YouTube!)

My latest binge-worthy show: Does anyone else want to dust off their chess set after watching The Queen's Gambit on Netflix?  

Trying on all of the pieces from the new Hudson + West Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection.

And just for fluffy fun: Adorable Images of Fluffy Cows to Brighten Your Day.


November 25th: Currently Reading, Watching & Loving
The knitted lights wall hanging has appeared at the top of Ravelry's most popular projects for the last couple of weeks. Here are some other free stash busting projects to brighten up your holiday decor.

In place of a wreath, how about some Knitted Lights.

Do you want add cheer to your toes? Natalie Sheldon has designed these darling Advent Socks 2020!

Karolina Eckerdal Stjarna are simply beautiful.  Wouldn't they be pretty hanging in a window?

Julie Williams of Little Cotton Rabbits has some Mini Christmas Stockings for you to hang on the tree.

Do you like to do embellish your knits with a bit of embroidery? Miriam Felton's Tiny Sweaters are a cute little package topper for someone special!

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