A Fresh Start to 2021

I typically do not make new year’s resolutions, but rather I look to intentions for the coming year…watch my water intake, exercise, and unplug from my phone and computer every day. In that same light, I always think about my knitting intentions for the New Year. What would I like to learn, improve upon and complete in 2020?

This process starts with looking back and doing a bit of organizing.  I start by taking out all of my knitting bags (I have just a few) and looking at each project.  Is this a project I want to continue working on in the new year?  Am I still excited about it?  If the answer is yes, it stays. If no, which is quite rare, it will be returned to my stash or I will donate the yarn.  Let's face it, there is nothing worse than knitting on a project you don’t like. It is a great feeling to keep only the projects you love in your knitting rotation. And it is a liberating feeling to get rid of those that don’t inspire you.

Once that is done, I go through my notions and needles.  I collect my stitch markers from around the house and return them to the proper tins. (Trust me, I find them everywhere!) Then, I ensure that my notions bag is all stocked up and that I have everything I need to complete my projects.  I also wipe my metal knitting needles down with a damp cloth to remove any oils that have been left behind after a lot of use. The few wooden needles I own get a wipe down with a clean cloth.

Now, I am ready to think about the year ahead.  In my planner I create a “Knitting Log” for the year.  I start by listing the projects that are being carried from 2020 to 2021.  I note the pattern name, yarn, color, needles, cast-on date and cast-off date. I also place a reminder to add a Ravelry post for the project – I am trying to be better about keeping my page up to date.


As you enter the New Year, first, take a look back at your knitting and see what you loved and made you happy.  Then, think about what you would like to learn and explore. Challenge yourself to knit a more difficult project to help you master a new skill.  If you have never knit a sweater (join our knit along) or perhaps try fair isle or cables (we have classes!).  No matter what do not let go of the fundamental piece of our practice: let your knitting bring you joy and calm in 2021.

Best wishes for a wonderful 2021 to all of our Monarch Knitting friends,


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