Spotlight on: Ravelry Project Updates

I have long neglected to update my Ravelry project page. It is a nice way to give a bit back to the knitting community at large.  I know when I am looking to knit a project, I look at photos, suggestions, and notes from other Ravelers. I have picked up many helpful tips from the experience of others. Selfishly, it is so satisfying to see a list of all your projects in one place.


When I sat down to add a few more projects, I realized that I needed to add a lot more than "just a few." So, I made a list and entered a couple of FOs each day. Now, I have almost everything that I have recently knit listed with project notes. So if you are curious about something I have made, please check out my project page at carmelknitter. FYI, this list is populated with projects I have actually knit and will not include everything we have in the shop. 

If you do not have a link, you can find me by taking the following steps:

    • go to Ravelry
    • under quick search, select "people" and type in carmelknitter
    • click on my username
    • once in my profile, click on projects to see the list!

Now you can see what size I made, the yarn(s), and the needles I used for my project. Many of you know me, so you can see what sizing looks like on me. Hopefully, you find this helpful and get some inspiration from my project page! 

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