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Two years ago, I decided to feature a curated box for our Monarch Knitting clients. We are heading into our third year with a slight tweak to the box. Instead of featuring a large, more expensive box, the Curated Season Box will be a bit smaller and at a better price.  Why in heaven's name do I do these boxes? The simple answer is: I enjoy taking the time to select the perfect items for each box.

My mantra for each product is, would I want to receive and use this? Would I feel good about gifting it to another crafter or friend if I didn't want the item? Whenever possible, I like to feature small businesses. I love the idea that you all will discover new products and makers. We can only carry so much in the brick-and-mortar shop, so the box allows me to curate things that do not fit into our regular inventory.

Each box features a base or a color that we do not carry in the shop.  I select a hand dyer and then work with them on color.  I usually send photos to use as inspiration, and they come back with a couple of options. This process is so much fun.

Rose Hill Yarns, the featured dyer in the Valentine’s Day box, sent me the following set. The deep pink and the speckled worked well together, but I was not crazy about the blue.  We decided to swap it out for a pink color that matched the speckled skein's pale color. (She sent me a couple of other ideas, but I am saving those for another purpose.)

Color and yarn selected, I head to Ravelry to put together an “inspiration” list of patterns that work with the yarn. My list includes patterns that will inspire beginners to experienced knitters. I like to think that if you don't find just what you are looking for, you can use the list as a springboard to find the right project.  

Next, I find a knitting notion that is fun, new or works with the box's theme.  It could be anything from stitch markers to a tool to a small bag of some kind. We have featured TKB cords, chain row counters, and ebony repair tools in past boxes.  I have found many items I could eventually bring into the shop this way.

After that, it is filled with fun, fun stuff.  Perhaps a sweet treat, a fun paper item...I let my imagination go. Most everything is something that I have and use. (This year's collection includes a little birthday treat; I have already ordered mine!) 

So there you have it, the idea behind my little curated collection. Something I truly enjoy sharing with all of you!  Thank you for supporting my whim!

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  • Gale Ashworth on


    I am interested in you rCurated Seasons boxes. When do we need to sign up for these and what is the cost?

    Thank you in advance,

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