Spotlight on Projects: Hegn, A Sweater in Six Days.

When scrolling through my emails last week, one made me stop in my tracks. Woolfolk was introducing their Winter Collection 2023 with this photo:

Look how cozy this model looks!  I want to be her (although if my hair were stuck in my turtleneck, it would drive me crazy). Doesn't this sweater look like something you could live in? It is relaxed and easy to wear. I will reach for this sweater on a cool evening or a foggy morning.

Hegn, knit in Flette Bulky, is an easy top-down sweater with a lot of ease (between 8 and 16 inches).  Knit in the round with on a size ten needle; it involves increases, decreases, and picking up stitches for sleeves, and that is about it. 

I decided upon about 8 inches of ease, so I knit the third size, 44.25 inches. I am not very tall, so I know there is only so much ease I can take on without looking sloppy. Please note this is 100% personal preference.  Some very petite people look fabulous is 16 inches of ease! It looks cool on them. My style is just a bit more buttoned up; after many years, I have learned not to tinker with it.

I love greens, so I selected FB06 for my sweater, a pretty forest green boucle, and cast on.

  The first afternoon I knit the turtle neck:

The next day I knit, added some increases, and knit the shoulders but managed only to get a terrible photo of that step: (if you squint, it doesn't look so bad!)

On Superbowl Sunday, I split the front and back and worked flat for the arm holes (Mr. Monarch got me some pretty tulips that day):

I didn't feel well Monday, so I took the day off, but on Tuesday, I knit the body and part of sleeve number one:

On Wednesday, sleeve number two was completed, and I had a sweater:

 Basher is a fan of Hegn, too!   



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  • Maureen on

    Hi Ann,
    I am just about to start the sleeves and wondered if you had any tips on picking up the stitches at the armholes. I am knitting the navy so they are a bit hard to see!
    Thanks in advance!

  • Debbie on

    Great pics thanks for sharing and I think this is one I would make.

  • diana darby on

    I just adore this and it looks fabulous on you. I would love to actually knit this in 6 days no less! Great doggie walking sweater.

  • Lilly Ho on

    Hi Ann, your green sweater looks very cozy and warm. Please direct us where to find the pattern. Thank you.

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