Spotlight on Staff: What's in the Project Bag? Jenn Edition!

We're on a roll with sharing staff project bags. So much fun!  This week we have Jenn, our behind the scenes Monarch online web wrangler, here to share her current project and what she has lined up next.

What's in your bag, on your needles and in your queue, Jenn?

I have the wonderful advantage of getting sneak peeks of projects for future newsletters and when Ann shared that she was knitting a Sophie Shawl in mYak Baby Yak Lace, I knew I needed one, too!  It's my first time knitting with this yarn and wow–it is exquisite! So light and airy. I'm knitting mine in the Healing Blue colorway–a richly dyed yet soft navy hue. As you can see, it matches my Ribbon Street project bag. I just love these bags!  I own quite a few of them and they work so well on their own, but I especially love to just pop them into totes. 

Currently, I am in the process of moving so most of my stash is packed up. I've landed on a couple of projects to carry along with me as I travel over the next few weeks.  One that I am eager to start is a summer top or vest out of Sandnes Garn Duo. I've yet to decide on a pattern, but I'm leaning towards Anker's Summer Shirt by PetiteKnit. Many folks are knitting this right now during our MK Summer Tee-Along and it's so fun to follow along over in our Ravelry group!


Notice the color, Marine...I just told Ann that I must be in my blue era. Ha!

Once I find a favorite notion or tool, I tend to keep it for as long as it'll last. Like my Atenti pouch, I purchased this beauty back when I started at Monarch in 2013...Over ten years ago!!!  I use it all the time. Now, that is a testament to quality. My other go-to notions are:

  • Walker Bags Single Zip pouches - I own quite a few of these and love to have one in every project bag. Plus, the colors are so fun!
  • Firefly Notes Notions Tin - I seem to collect these as well. An absolute must for any maker!
  • Cocoknits Flight of Stitch Markers - Great for a variety of sized projects. Smooth, magnetic and come in such cheery colors.
  • TKB Cord - these have been game changer for holding live stitches! They work so well with my favorite needles, ChiaoGoo Red Lace.
  • Twice Sheared Sheep Cable Locks - You just never know when you might need to steal some needles from another project. 
  • Monarch Knitting tape measure, of course ;) 
  • Cocoknits Emery Boards - I was so giddy when they introduced these! I've had my little purple case for years and it's been a struggle to find nail files that fit. Speaking of, I need a restock soon!
  • Cocoknits Needle Gauge - Such a great option for traveling.
  • I carry a bit of scrap sock yarn in case I need to do a provisional cast-on as well as a mini crochet repair hook and a darning needle. My mini scissors are actually teeny tiny kitchen scissors! 


In addition to my projects and notions, you'll usually find me with some stationaries like a Moleskine notebook for project notes, a few pens and some mini notecards and envelopes. And since I won't have access to my home knitting basket, I'm taking my beloved Otter Be Knitting tote (we have more at the end of summer!) with me to store it all. I'm also packing a yummy skein of North Bay Elemental Sport in the Roe color. I think it'll make a fun hat!

Thanks for sharing, Jenn!  Best of luck on your move and we hope you get in some knitting time.


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