Spotlight on Yarn: Woolfolk Luft

With some new colors coming out today, I decided to celebrate Woolfolk Luft in this week's Spotlight.  I am not a huge fan of knitting of bulkier yarn but Luft is the exception to the rule. This is not a weighty, bulky yarn but one that is light and airy due to the fact that is it an organic cotton chainette tube filled with Woolfolk's Ultimate Merino. (You can read a bit more about their merino here.) Woolfolk describes this season spanning yarn as "a bulky, lightweight miracle"  

If you want to give Luft a try, I would suggest knitting the Mitra Hat by Shelli Anderson. This quick to knit, unisex hat only takes one skein of yarn.  An easy section of 1x1 ribbing is interrupted by a delicate lateral braid that intersects between simple stockinette through the remainder of the hat.  I cannot tell you how many of these hat I have knit....

I knit Espace Tricot's Turtle Dove Sweater over a Thanksgiving weekend.  That is how fast it knits up! It is like a great sweatshirt, soft, cozy and hard to take off! (FYI, there are two ways to finish off the hem, a simple rolled hem or a twisted rib split-hem.  I did the twisted rib split-hem.)

If you want to try a sweater from their new collection, take a peek at the Jubel Pullover by Susanna Kaartinen. This oversized seed stitch pullover has a cable detail up the side and is just fabulous.

Koryn is in love with Veera Valimaki's Like a Feather.  It is the perfect piece to throw on over a pair of jeans when you are a bit chilly.  The top down sweater features garter stitch bands and broken rib cuffs.  

If you want to wear this luscious yarn right around your neck, may I suggest Getting Warmer? Using just 3 skeins of Luft, is light and cozy and starts with 2x2 rib which transitions into garter stitch. Easy to knit, this would make a great holiday gift for someone special! 

If you are in the area, come by the shop to squish our collection of Luft. You will not be disappointed!  If you are further afield, you can take a look at the pattern ideas on Ravelry and try to feel this lightweight miracle through the screen.


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