SSP (Slip Stitch Party) Cast On

When I saw the test knitting call for Isabel Kramer’s newest shawl, SSP, go out on Instagram, I knew the project would find its way onto my needles. The shawl is designed in 6 sections, using different slip stitch patterns or stripes in each section. Once the large first section is done; it is on to the party!



The project was designed with Brooklyn Tweed Loft in mind and I thought that I would use the original colors for the project. 

As always, I peeked through the complete SSP project on Ravelry and spied Stanetty’s shawl. I thought the blue/brown combination at the end of the shawl was especially pretty. 



I must admit, I tried so many different combos that I started to drive everyone in the shop crazy. I finally went with a combination Biches et Buches Petit Lambswool and Brooklyn Tweed Loft. Light grey (C1) and camper (C2) will be used to create section 1. (Camper is one of my favorite pinks.) Fossil (C3) will be used for the lightest color in the stripes. Meteorite (C4) is the darkest color, and the blue/grey sections will be blue gris (C5) and nest (C6).


I cast on the shawl and am really liking the camper/grey combination.   

For those of you who are knitting the project and have the pattern, this will make sense:

I created a little chart to keep track of where I am in the first section and it might help you too.  I knit the pattern through row 24, then used the chart after that. I listed the 39 repeats called for in the instructions and the stitch count I should have each time I reach row 24. The 1, 2, 3, 4 correspond to the following:

  1. Rows 17 and 18 worked in C1 and C2
  2. Rows 19 and 20 worked in C1
  3. Rows 21 and 22 worked in C1 and C2
  4. Rows 23 and 24 worked in C1

I tick off each set of rows as I work them and at the end of a repeat, I count my stitches and LOOK at the pattern to ensure it is knit correctly. 

Check back next week and follow us on Instagram for updates on the project!

Knit…and be happy!

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  • Marguerite Mahard on

    Where did you get your loft yarn for project?

  • Marguerite Mahard on

    Where did you get your loft yarn for project?

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