Spotlight on Staff: What's in the Project Bag? Erin Edition!

For our next installment of What's in the Project Bag?, Erin pops open her lovely Artifact Project Tote and gives us a peek at her current set up as well as projects. 

Erin, what's in your project bag?

Right now I’m working on a sample for the shop in Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok. The Pacific Coast Highway beanie from Nancy Bates' Knitting California book is such a fun pattern and a great way to refresh my colorwork skills. We even have the tiny little blue car buttons to drive down the Highway 1!

The other mini-project is a little bright fuchsia demonstration swatch I use while teaching my 8-year old neighbor to knit. It’s a fun opportunity to use my great-grandmother’s straight needles, since I normally use circular needles for everything. I love using beautiful tools that have history and, in this case, great memories attached to them as well.

Speaking of tools, some of my favorites that are always in my bag:

  • Cocoknits Colored Opening Stitch Markers - perfect for one color at the beginning of the round and a different color to mark the pattern repeats.
  • Highlighter Tape to keep track of my progress through the hat chart
  • Mon Petit Eiffle Scissors - My favorite tiny scissors, shaped like the Eiffel Tower
  • Lengths of dental floss to use as emergency lifelines
  • A wrench for my interchangeable needle tips
  • Darning needles and a vintage brass needle case to keep them in
  • Post-it Notes are always useful!

Most of these fit into the Della Q Maker’s Buddy Case - I love the magnetic surface so stitch markers and wrench stay put and I don’t lose them. And all of it goes into my Artifact Project Tote!

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  • Barbara on

    I would love to teach my grand daughter to knit but am at a loss for an interesting project and just how to teach the process.

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